A glimpse at the tourist attractions in Germany

Are you planning a holiday trip to Germany? Know about the tourist attractions in Germany beforehand. Make sure that your vacation turns out to be an exciting one. No one can overlook the attraction of this place which, according to the tourists, offers a perfect blend of cosmopolitan appeal rich heritage and tradition.

Here are few attractions that you should not miss out at any cost.


You must visit Berlin, the capital city of Germany first before going to any other place. German Parliament as well as Brandenburg Gate stands as national symbols that also catch the attention of tourist from all over the world.  Attraction of Berlin wall is undeniable where there are some segments that allow you to know what it was like before. Plus, the Berlin Wall Museum also gives you information about some courageous people who took huge risk of crossing that wall.


Apart from football club, Munich in Germany is popular for the Oktoberfest, the biggest festival of the world that attracts millions of people every year. Deutsche Museum also pulls in tourists in large numbers.


Bearing the legacy of Roman era as well as middle ages, Cologne is a perfect hub of lively arts and cultural events. You must pay visit to Cologne Cathedral, one of the greatest tourist attractions in Germany. This world heritage site is more than six hundred years old and also considered to be a famous pilgrimage church in the whole of European region thereby attracting numerous tourists from every corner of the globe.


The place is tourist’s delight that has a superb location by the side of two rivers namely Elbe as well as Alster, brilliant nightlife in Saint Pauli and also the ‘Michel’ church, Hamburg’s main tourist attraction.

Get a feel of what Germany has to provide for its tourists. Besides, there are other tourist attractions in Germany that include Dresden city, Neuschwanstein Palace, Bodense Lake and many more. You can have a gala time in Germany.

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